Audi takes on the Tesla Model Vertisements and Porsche Taycan with the $265.21, 000 e-tron GT

The big picture: The new e-tron GT includes an unmistakable Audi design which is the company’s most powerful EV to date. Preceding two SUV models, this 4 doors sporty sedan is now Audi’s front runner EV and the front-runner of its e-tron brand. Although Audi’s EV costs less than its more powerful German aunt and offers better mileage, it is readily trumped by the Tesla Model Beds when it comes to price, performance, and multitude.

Audi initially teased the e-tron GT concept at the 2018 CHICAGO Auto Show as part of its sizeable EV push and has now i personally revealed the production version at a just livestream event. The company’s latest front runner EV will be available in three flavor later this summer, namely the 100 dollar, 000 e-tron GT quattro, our own $108, 000 e-Tron Prestige, coupled with $140, 000 RS e-tron GT. All models have a dual-motor setup with the AWD and utilize the Porsche Taycan’s 800-volt architecture with a 93. fourth kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Audi is offering 3 powertrains for this car, with the industry-standard (and Prestige) version producing three hundred and fifty kW (~470 hp) and the performance-focused RS model making 440 kW (~590 hp).

Every model come with launch control and per overboost feature that briefly knocks out those numbers up by 35-40 kW and reduces their 0-60 times, taking 3. 9 seconds relating to the standard e-tron GT and a variety of. 1 seconds for the RS variante. Top speed, meanwhile, is limited to 152mph and 155mph, respectively.

Although these faciès are on par with Audi’s really ICE-powered R8, they do make it a smaller amount potent against the Porsche Taycan, even more so against the recently refreshed Tesla Model S. The latter also excels when it comes to mileage, offering more than twice of what the Audi can muster: 520mi in the Model S Plaid vs. 238mi as per Audi’s EPA estimates.

These factors, however, are only part of the story in the premium EV segment, where brand power, luxury, and design are now increasingly playing an important role for buyers when making their next car purchase.

The e-tron GT’s interior, seems a lot plusher than its US rival. It has a 12.3-inch display for the instrument cluster and a 10.1-inch touchscreen in the center console powered by Audi’s MMI system. There’s also a generous sprinkling of physical buttons and switches, unlike the increasingly touchscreen-laden cabins of modern cars (including the Taycan).

In typical Audi fashion, buyers will have plenty of material choices for the cabin, alongside pricey optional extras on the base model like a premium sound system, heads-up display, a trio of safety packages featuring adaptive cruise assist, and all-wheel steering. There’s also support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The e-tron GT will initially launch in Europe this spring, followed by a summer launch in the US. It will be compatible with VW’s Electrify America high-speed charging network, allowing it to gain 62 miles (~100 km) of range with just a five-minute charge. Audi will offer a 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty for the e-tron GT, alongside complimentary maintenance for 1-year/10,000 miles.

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