Intel Word is getting an improved all-Dark Style option

Something to look forward to: Anyone who has ever worked on a Roshan chauhan Word document late at night will certainly understand how insufficient the software’s famous “Dark Mode” is. While it absolutely invert the color scheme of the a bunch of menus bars, over half of the window — the space where your infamous document sits — is still a blindingly-bright processed. Fortunately, that’ll be changing: Word compuer users will soon gain the ability to darken or even canvas, too.

The feature is fairly self-explanatory. By toggling it on the topic of in Dark Mode, you’ll be able to customize colors of your document to better fit in with the rest of the UI. This should make it a little bit more comfortable to type when the tan is down, without needing any third-party apps or tools (such just like screen-dimming software or blue low filters).

If you don’t like the idea of a dark canvas for whatever reason (perhaps you’re working on a color-sensitive document), you’ll be pleased to hear that this feature is not mandatory, and it isn’t being automatically bundled with Word’s broader Dark Mode functionality.

Instead, if Dark Mode is on, you’ll eventually be able to click a “Switch Modes” button to swap between the normal white canvas and the new dark gray alternative.

The slightly-revamped Dark Mode is not available to all just yet; only Windows Insiders can experiment with it. However, provided user feedback is positive, we should see it roll out soon. Perhaps even this month or the next, if we’re particularly lucky.

If you’re willing to put up with a few bugs, you can join the Windows Insider program’s Beta Channel and grab Version 2012 (build 13518.10000) to test the feature today.

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