A whole trailer for the Souls-like Black Belief: Wukong has arrived

Something to look forward to: Remember that fantastic 13-minute clip of Black Myth: Wukong it arrived last summer? The pre-alpha footage of the Souls-like game received from Chinese indie developer Game Discipline Studio was hailed as the first genuine “next-gen game. ” Now, any trailer has dropped.

The first video of Black Myth: Wukong set the internet alight with its Sunset Souls/Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice/Bloodborne-esque game play.

The main action RPG is based on the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West—the same one that inspired 1979 TV series Monkey and many other shows, books, and movies. Players take control of Monkey King Light Wukong, facing off against numerous enormous mythological beasts that can be disassembled using the 72 different abilities offered.

Game Science Studio released the trailer to celebrate the end among the Chinese New Year, which moves of a year of the rat to the because of of the Ox. Notice the large number of rodents in the clip, including one combined with two-heads that can breathe fire. There’s also a fairly monstrous Ox toward the ends.

We also see Wukong transform into a stone Gollum within some description and split themself into three lightning-firing rats. In the role of shown in the first trailer, the crna can turn into a flying insect, too.

Black Fable: Wukong is looking pretty enticing while certainly appears to tick the “challenging” box, a defining feature intention type of games.

This is all pre-alpha area, so it’s best not to build too excited—there’s been plenty of backlash recently against games such as Cyberpunk 2077 for failing to live a whole lot their hype. But with a 2023 release date, we’re not going to be doing physical ativities Black Myth: Wukong anytime soon.

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