Netflix plans to adapt the ‘Redwall’ fantasy books into a film combined with animated series

In context: Stories about intelligent animals going through difficult, dramatic, or terrifying inside your life have been a part of entertainment history for a long period, and the classic Redwall book set is a perfect example of that. They’re graphic books about anthropomorphized rats, these rodents, and other forest animals living in a definite brutal, Game of Thrones-like apologue world; albeit without the magical details.

So , why are we bringing up an almost 40-year-old children’s book series here? In short, Netflix has announced plans to adapt the books into both a standalone film and a longer-running animated series.

For those that grew up reading these books — such as myself — this is fantastic news. Redwall, as a franchise, has been dead for many years now, and 2021 is a great time to revive it. We could all use a few more fantastical distractions from the world these days.

The film’s production will be headed up by Patrick McHale, of Cartoon Network fame, though the series’ creator remains unknown for the time being. However, we do know that the show will follow Martin the Warrior, a notable character in the Redwall universe (he was responsible for co-founding Redwall Abbey itself).

Though other details are still scarce, we look forward to seeing what Netflix will come up with for both the animated film and series. The Redwall universe is rich in lore, so the streaming service’s content developers have no shortage of material to pull from.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Netflix’s Redwall plans over time. We expect to hear more about the show and film sometime this year, provided the Covid-19 pandemic loosens its hold on the entertainment industry.

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