Future Windows 10 update will reportedly add floating Start Menu and rounded corners

Forward-looking: Do you fear change? Then you might want to look away. Microsoft is reportedly taking care of a visual overhaul for Windows 10 that’s set for release this October. Dubbed the Sun Valley ‘version 21H2’ update, one of the most notable alterations will be the Start Menu, which can be separated from the taskbar and features more rounded corners.

Windows Latest writes that Sun Valley has been doing the works since last year and will introduce a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows, ” including a new interface that takes full benefit of Microsoft’s Fluent Design and WinUI language.

One of the more subtle changes the update introduces is the rounding of box corners, such as those on static tiles and the Action Center. But the most obvious difference might be the positioning of the Start Menu itself.

Courtesy of Windows Latest

Instead of being attached to the taskbar, the revamped menu will now float above it, leaving a visible gap. Windows Latest has created a mockup (above) of how the change might appear.

Rounded corners and floating menus are something we’ve seen in preview builds of Windows 10X . The former change is pretty subtle and shouldn’t bother people, though I’m not sure about the latter. The bad news is that if you do prefer the current look, there doesn’t appear to be any options to changes the radius of the rounded corners or revert to non-floating menus.

It’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee these overhauls is going to be part of the update, and even if they are, are expecting them to look better than the publication’s mockups.

Testers in the Windows Insider program will likely see the changes as Microsoft rolls them out in the coming months.

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