Msft acknowledges new Windows 10 educate can break some webcams, within the working on fix

Facepalm: When you have installed the Windows 10 September 2021 cumulative update and found your actual webcam has stopped working, rarely worry—you’re not alone. Microsoft has well known the issue and is working on a appropriate.

As reported by Windows Latest , the Windows 10 KB4601319 update released in the past this month—one of the February Fix Tuesday releases—appears to be borking a bit Intel RealSense Depth and Razer Stargazer cameras.

It’s speculated that the is actually the result of a missing virtual individual when the update is installed. As soon as possible, the only solution is to uninstall some of the patch, but Microsoft said certainly aware of the reports and is performing on a solution.

Use a Razer Stargazer? It might not at all work after installing this change

“Thank you for bringing the issues with Intel Realsense Camera to our attention. Resolution aware of the issue and are working on every fix. In the meantime, if you need to get your digicam working, please follow the instructions the way remove an installed Windows Add new content to, ” a company engineer wrote after Microsoft’s support Feedback Hub.

As is chez for the course with Windows a dozen updates, KB4601319 has, in some cases, may result in as many problems as it addresses. Selected users have complained about it impacting their wireless mice, second sensors, and other accessories. There are also incidents for the dreaded Blue Screen of Passing.

Older this month, we heard that total update KB4598291 was causing broken games , app crashes, and BSODs for a lot of users. Hopefully, Microsoft will soon quit an update that fixes the problems is actually updates released to address issues by previous updates.

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