66% of the top 15 mobile products come from Facebook and Google

In brief: Apps owned by That is definitely and Facebook have been the domineering force in the mobile world the, consistently accounting for most of the main 15 applications in the US. With the outbreak seeing the likes of Zoom and TikTok become even more popular, one may well imagine the tech titans have seen ones grip on the market slip. The reality is that it now take a larger share than ever before.

As reported by Axios , the percentage of head 15 apps owned by Tweets and Google has increased from 53 percent in 2015 to 66 percent in 2021.

In addition to the social media platform, Facebook’s stable of apps add Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, whenever Google has YouTube (still top in the US), Gmail, Maps, Search, Play, and more. Most smartphones in the us have several of these apps installed.

It was also found because mobile is the platform where employees spend most of their online opportunity. Nearly 80 percent of all “digital minutes” are on smartphones, and 88 p . c of those minutes are spent during apps.

Axios notes that Google and in addition Facebook’s mobile monopoly comes from any properties being more suited to smartphones: social media, messaging services, news, and also the precise product information. “Markets where Google and Tweets do not have a dominant position, almost like higher education and training, tend to be more thinking about desktop use, ” writes and also.

Take a look at the top apps in the US this month, the greatest non-Google/Facebook entry is Amazon at their 7. Only five apps from top 15 come from other companies.

Primary 15 apps in the US as of this weekend:

1 . YouTube

2 . Facebook

3. Gmail

4. Google Maps

two. Google Search

6. Facebook Messenger

7. Amazon

8. Endure Channel

9. Google Play

10. Instagram

11. Apple computers News

12. Google Drive

13. Google Images

fourteen. Pandora

15. Spotify

Facebook and Google’s dominance, superiority of the app world has long been common knowledge, along with their market share increasing over the years, somewhat more questions are being raised about the computer giants’ monopoly over the industry.

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