Landing: NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover gouvernement safely on the Red Planet

What exactly happened? NASA’s Persistency Mars rover has safely accounted for on the Red Planet following a 203-day trip in which it traveled a single mind boggling 293 million cientos to its new forever at home. Shortly after touching down, Perseverance sent back the first image it captured when Mars, from one of the rover’s hazard cameras.

The suspenseful landing unfolded live on Youtube . com yesterday afternoon like millions of viewers from around the world fine-tuned in to witness the historic achievement. Any number of things could have went faulty and caused the whole mission to stop but fortunately, luck was on NASA’s side as all of the essential sequences went off without a hitch.

NASA’s new rover and its accompanying helicopter, Ingenuity, launched from Cape Canaveral Area Force Station in Florida along with July 25-30, 2020 . The 2, 263-pound rover is about the size of an SUV absolutely peruse Mars’ Jezero Crater trying to find signs of ancient microbial life. Conviction will even compile soil samples for virtually any future return mission.

When it is all said on top of that done, NASA will have invested roughly $2. thirteen billion into the challenge, making it the seventh most expensive planetary exploration program in NASA’s history.

Photographs courtesy NASA

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