Intel gives its enthusiast Rocket Sea SKU a unique new retail chest

Chisme mill: New industry packaging for Intel’s 11th-gen Drive Lake CPUs has been spotted of the wild and stands out from previous iterations. The hard plastic boxes have an occasional shape that will stand out on cabinets, which Intel likely hopes increase hype around a generation of french fries they need to be successful.

Intel Rocket Lake CPUs are slated to take off next month. A new leak from VideoCardz has revealed the packing expect to come with the top-of-the-line Core i9 chips. Based on the leaked images, this new packaging is made entirely, or at least commonly, of hard plastic with opaque down Intel blue on the front and furthermore back faces and translucent toddler blue windows on the sides. looks like four trapezoids stacked front-to-back to give a look that should stand out from the rest.

Intel’s 10th gen packaging featured a limited amount of acrylic window and harkened in to the rectangular box design of eighth gen and earlier. This new wooden box is more in line with the stand-out-in-a-crowd attitude that can fed the design of the i9-9900k two years ago.

According to the leak, apparently the i9-11900KF will be given the usual cube-shaped treatment solution, so the hard plastic box that will almost always serve as wall-hangings for many tech youtubers will be restricted to only the most powerhouse buyers.

Look like Lake will be yet another release for the 14nm process node, backported off the new Sunny Cove architecture, which causes it will see a number of improvements or higher to 5. 3GHz peak boost. Even so, the core counts on all of these cards look to trail behind AMD’s current offering and Intel need to consider Rocket Lake to be a success as they performance to fix their process node obstacles.

The new packaging will either celebrate this speedy new chip or , the burkha gin up some interest (remember the Marvel-themed Intel packaging? ) in a company under duress.

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