RTX 3060 prices suggest it will be 50 percent more expensive than the MSRP

TL; DR: In what should come as no real surprise, it appears prices for the RTX 3060, which launches this week, will be much higher than the MSRP. The latest entry the Ampere line drops on Friday (February 25), and if the purported prices of AIB partner acknowledgement cards are to be believed, we’ll be investing between 47 – 56 100 more than Nvidia’s recommended $329.

An RTX 3060 is supposed to offer excellent value for money, with 3, 548 Cuda cores and 12GB of GDDR6 for just $329. But with no Leaders Edition, there was little expectation which experts claim third-party manufacturers would stick with which often price.

Sadly, it looks as if last month’s reports that the RTX 3060 might actually cost more than the RTX 3060 Usted (MSRP $399) is accurate. Coreteks has leaked what is supposedly most of the retail prices of several coming RTX 3060 cards, which from $489. 99 and go up with $514. 99.

RTX 3060 retail standard costs

RTX 3060 shape Value tag
MSI Gaming X Trio $514. 99
MSI Ventus X2 (likely the Ventus 2X) $484. 99
Zotac Gaming $499. 99
Asus Strix $499. 99
Asus TUF $489. 99

If or when these are accurate, even the cheapest RTX 3060, the Asus TUF, is virtually 49 percent more than the MSRP. The MSI Gaming X Trio, meanwhile, is 56. 5 percent higher.

For consideration, Best Buy has two third-party RTX 3060 Ti listed, one for EVGA and one from Gigabyte, it sell for $459 and $479, respectively—cheaper than the lowest-priced RTX 3060 out there. Neither are in stock, naturally.

Nvidia hopes that severely limiting the RTX 3060’s Ethereum exploration capabilities will help ease the availability dilemmas experienced by every other new graphics card account. But that won’t address any industry-wide chip shortages and scalping problems.

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