Offshore turns to Japan to suit semiconductor equipment, avoiding AMERICA restrictions

In brief: STATES sanctions on Chinese semiconductor manufacturers have hit issuers from both countries included in the pocket, but Japanese suppliers have benefitted from the dilemma. A new report says included equipment dealers in Asia have seen their prices go up 20 percent since last year available as Chinese firms snap utility machines not subject to REGARDING restrictions.

Nikkei The asian continent sends that Chinese language semiconductor makers are searching Japan for used fitness gear in the wake of US sanctions, sending up prices contained in the country’s second-hand market. While using worldwide chip shortage seriously causing supply problems over multiple industries, even fully developed, out-of-date machines are selling speedy; this has seen the price of basis equipment such as lithography designs increase threefold.

“Nearly most of used machines are most often headed to China, ” discussed a source at Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance. A used equipment dealer added, “Machines that were basically worthless several years ago are now selling for % million yen [$940,000]. ”

Wafer capacity management

Company Periodical wafer manufacturing capacity Complete global capacity share
Samsung 3. en million 14. 7%
TSMC 2 . twelve million 13. 1%
Micron Technology 1 . 9 million+ 9. 3%
SK Hynix ~1. 85 million 9%
Kioxia – 6 million 7. 7%
Intel 884, 000 ~4. 1%

In October, the US government placed sanctions on China’s largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Companie (SMIC). It was also included with the same Entity list the fact that Huawei, meaning US small businesses must secure a license forward of exporting certain products in SMIC.

While much of the being used equipment is moving straight from Tosu, japan to the buyers’ factory floors, some older-generation machines are already hoarded—not that the sellers want. The end goal is for finally the Chinese semiconductor industry to reduced reliance on US imports, thereby ensuring sanctions now have less impact.

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