Apasionado of big CPU air coolers? This one weighs 4. 7 pounds

WTF?! Do you love a awkward CPU cooler? Then this is actually your perfect partner. May possibly easily be mistaken in the radiator section of an AIO liquid cooler or a above all large PSU, but less; the IceGiant ProSiphon High level really is an air wine bottle chiller that weighs 4. for pounds.

We’ve noticed some meaty CPU airline coolers in the past: Noctua gives you its 3. 3-pound fanless cool , there’s Thermalright’s top. 1-pound True Copper passive heatsink, and CoolerMaster’s 1 . 9-pound V8 . Some IceGiant ProSiphon Elite , that was recently released to the purchaser market, weighs 4. a couple pounds (2 kilograms), the case you’re going to need a sturdy board (umgangssprachlich) and roomy case for this impressive software.

The monstrous cooler kits four 120mm fans and uses only gravity-driven, two-phase CPU cooling. It works by means of pulling heat from the processing and using it to pan liquid inside the vapor association. This vapor flows up to the condenser, where it’s evolved into back into liquid that wenn into the evaporator and the whole cycle begins again.

Rather than using moisture, the cooler is filled with di-electric fluid that won’t damage your own personal equipment in the event of leakage. The seller notes that the only removal parts are the fans, so , there’s less chance of catastrophe, and no sludge buildup is going to ensure consistent performance. Within comes with a 10-year guarantee.

All the unit’s overall dimensions check 164mm x 251mm ordinaire 104mm, and it’s compatible with AMD’s AM4, TR4, and sTRX4 sockets and Intel’s 115x, 1200, 2011/2066, and 1366 sockets. That size and specialist do come at a premium: $169. 99.

Check out Linus Tech Tips’ look at a pre-production model in the video following.

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