Whitehouse. com once brought internet surfers to a site that hosted…

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Launched in May 1997, Whitehouse. com originally managed “uncensored discussion of government insurance coverage, ” but later led off adding adult content with the intention to profitability. The web presence has controversial for being accidentally went to see by people interested in screening the US government’s official domain and even received a avoid and desist letter through Clinton administration in December 1997.

The website stayed up until 2004, when owner Dan Parisi sold the domain (for a seemingly undisclosed value, though the site was reportedly earning in excess of a million dollars a trustworthy year). Reportedly, he inquired what his pre-school-aged tenor might think of the site perfectly as declined many offers out of the porn industry for the ip.

After being used for a real estate internet site in 2005, Whitehouse. com was briefly home that will help “America’s Free Speech Forum” in 2006, became a search engine if anyone else is later that same annualy, and by late 2007 it hosted information about the then-upcoming president election. After being used for other purposes, the domain came parked for years. As of writing in 2021, Whitehouse. através de gets you to a betting on site for election information.

It should also be noted the fact official United States government ınternet site can be found at www.whitehouse.gov .

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