Intel accidentally uses MacBook Pro in ad for its new processor

Facepalm: If there’s one thing companies want to avoid, it’s unintentionally promoting a competitor in one of their ads. Intel, it seems, has failed to heed this advice. Having just launched a series of commercials mocking the M1-powered MacBooks, Chipzilla’s new ad features, you guessed it, a MacBook Pro.

As spotted by @ juneforceone , the ad that appeared on Reddit is a promotion for Intel’s Core i7-1185G7 CPU, boasting “The world’s most readily useful processor on a thin and light laptop. ” But rather as compared with showing a Windows gadget, the person in the photo is using a MacBook Pro.

It’s not promptly apparent that the laptop inside of image is a Mac. But since TechRadar notes, the several photoset from as the Getty Images photo may be taken clearly shows good MacBook Pro complete with Touch Bar—there’s even an Apple Magic Mouse on show.

While it’s actually true that the 16-inch MacBook Pro still uses Intel’s processors, it does not and will not make company’s 11th-generation CPU specifically advertised here. With the M1 proving so successful, Apple inc expects to finish the change from Intel to the liechtenstein silicon in 2022.

What’s especially embarrassing to receive Intel is that the ad is derived a month after it set foot up its campaign aimed at Apple’s M1-powered Macs caused by bringing back actor Justin Long —the “I’m a Mac” guy from Apple’s “Get a Mac” commercials—to make fun of Cupertino’s machines in a involving ads.

Microsoft has also joined in the Apple-bashing. Its recent marchand compares the exact iPad Pro to the Using a Pro 7, hailing the latter device as “the enhanced choice. ”

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