Pugilat of RTX 3080 Usted 12GB GPUs have been photographed on their way to LA

Wildly anticipated: Pallets of MSI GPUs were definitely photographed in transit to help you Los Angeles. In amidst the most important eclectic assortment is the foreseeable future “GeForce RTX 3080 Vos Ventus 12G OC, micron which will, as the armchair officers of the forums have it, launching in a month’s time.

Caught in the camera’s lens are a handful of pallets, both containing a dozen boxes along with maybe a hundred GPUs. Of the well-protected crate is called with the 3090 and aforesaid 3080 Ti. The pressboard boxes contain GeForce GRAND TOURING 710’s and Radeon RX 580’s.

If the 3080 Ti is regarded as shipping to distribution employed to now, then it should edition soon. The popular prediction is mid-May. The expectation that the Ti will be associated with 12 GB of commémoration also finds support in MSI’s package label; the “12G” in the card’s lengthy phrase couldn’t mean much other than these, but there’s some chance for it being incorrect.

The present, if dubious predictions in regards Ti pin the card’s core count at ett par, 240 and its boost function at 1, 665 Megahertz. If those figures will most certainly be true, then it will really perform like a 3090, but with a touch of luck, it’ll be priced more close to the vanilla 3080.

It would even be cheaper if it is known for a bar-b-que mining limiter that makes it less valuable in direction of crypto-crazed. And if the mining limiter works…

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