Netflix is ending its Castlevania animated series, but totally new show in the same société could replace it

The big picture: Castlevania, the animated television series that premiered on Netflix back in mid-2017, will be here very soon to an end. But it’s not all bad news as a completely new series in the same société could reportedly fill often the gap.

Sources knowledgable about the matter recently told Deadline that the upcoming lastly season of Castlevania include the last. The first season , if you recall, was a helpful one with just entire episodes. Output was multiplied with season two inside of 2018 and last year’s third season got a complete 10 episodes. The fourth to final season will also have 10 episodes, we’re revealed to.

Netflix’s show was probably well received, and obtained high marks on Decaying Tomatoes. The second season, for example , has a “ Tomatometer ” credit of 100 percent and an audience score of 90 p’cent.

Last year, however , several housewives accused the show’s maker, Warren Ellis, of lustful misconduct allegations. Netflix just after decided to no longer work with Ellis following season four.

Deadline’s sources note that Netflix often is contemplating a new series that would be set in the same Castlevania monde, albeit with an entirely fresh new set of characters. Ellis undoubtedly won’t be involved.

Season contemplate of Castlevania is set and premiere on May 13, 2021.

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