Microsoft’s DirectStorage for PC works with PCIe 3. 0 SSDs

Why it matters: Microsoft during his recent Game Stack Reside (GSL) 2021 event found that its upcoming DirectStorage API for the PC likely be compatible with PCIe 3. 0 NVMe SSDs. That’s central considering PCIe 3. 0 drives are much more considerable than their newer cousins and PCIe 4. 0 drives are limited to mouse click away . handful of newer platforms.

Up to this point, it was in general assumed that the tech would most likely only work with the latest PCIe fundamental. 0 drives . The tech won’t work with SATA drives, however , as why interface is simply too slow to quickly attain what Microsoft wants to engage in.

As Redmond highlighted during its presentation, one of the DirectStorage API already been originally created for Xbox Number of X / S. With a PC, it’ll help strengthen the performance of area storage by implementing a more efficient link between NVMe SSDs and the GPU.

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As it stands as of late, existing APIs treat almost every I/O request individually as well as in series. DirectStorage APIs, however , allow developers to plan I/O requests into pots that can be handled in parallel. In short, it’ll result in speedy load times and allow video games to be more detailed and extensive than ever.

Microsoft’s DirectStorage discuss at GSL dove detailed into how the tech is and how devs can get on this phone with it. We’ve embedded the video above in case you missed getting this done live.

Image credit history: Catholic Wiediger

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