Twitter’s $2. 99 subscription phone number revealed, includes an Reverse Tweet option

Forward-looking: An Undo Tweet triviality is one of those features that will Twitter users have been requiring for years. It now views as if their prayers could soon be answered—but it really is going only be available to those who sign up to the company’s new $2. 99 per month service, Youtube Blue.

Prolific leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who have uncovered numerous features over apps before they were declared, revealed Twitter Blue. It’s said to cost $2. 99 per month, though Wong claims there will be more expensive tiers that sell extra features.

One of the main extras of the subscription will be the associated with ads from users’ delivers. Twitter all but revealed they plans when it acquired Slide, a $5-per-month subscription companies that removes ads totally from participating news sites. “We plan to include Scroll attached to an upcoming subscription offering we’re currently exploring, ” vehicle written .

An Undo Twitter update function is something many people users will appreciate. Wong revealed that Twitter was concentrating on the feature back in 1st. It allows posts to always be recalled within a set moment in time, similar to the Undo Send/Recall treatment in Gmail and Perspective.

Those ready to pay extra for Twitter Blue’s higher tiers will receive other types of benefits, including Collections, able to save your favorite tweets within a month place so they can be looked at later, building on the company’s current bookmark feature.

It appears to be Twitter has been preparing the right subscription option for some time. Earlier than it acquired Scroll, Myspace purchased Revue, an email company that lets writers write newsletters. And we heard funding February that it was considering a paid service to increase its gross income. Exactly how many people sign up remains to be seen, but the price is low which is enough that it should attract a good number of subscribers.

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