Suit alleges Capcom ripped off at least 200 copyrighted textures used in DMC and RE4

Facepalm: There is no acquit for any game company to buy other artists’ IP without using license, especially since they will pull no punches company infringed their work. To have company as big as Capcom, although , the primary, this was just plain dumb.

According to a lawsuit filed last week with a Connecticut authorities court, Capcom allegedly widely used numerous copyrighted images in many Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games. Person Judy Juracek claims a game publisher took images from her 1996 effects reference book called “Surfaces: Visual Investigate for Artists, Architects, but Designers” without requesting a security guard license. The book contains photo files of architectural surfaces equipped with ornate or otherwise interesting models and comes with a CD of their photos.

Juracek vs Capcom via Polygon by Polygondotcom

Juracek’s lawsuit gives you more than 100 pages highlighting at least 200 examples precisely Capcom used her picture taking work without permission. An andividual notable example is the Citizen Evil 4 logo. The most important lines crisscrossing the broken down four are clearly similar to Juracek’s image entitled “G079, ” a picture for a cracked pane of supplied glass taken in Italy. Capcom furthermore used this image consist of parts of the game to surface some old windows.

Further obvious example is a stained-glass window in the Resident Malevolent HD remaster from 2002 (comparisons below). The colors yet patterns are identical in an image from the book branded G033. Various other pictures are less obvious but are recognizable if pointed out. Among the games classified by the lawsuit are Demon May Cry (2001), Person Evil Remake (2002), Satan May Cry 2 (2003), Resident Evil 4 (2005), Devil May Cry fundamental (2008), and the Devil Probably will Cry HD remaster (2013).

Some of the evidence Juracek positions comes from last year’s Capcom data breach. The cache within files included an individual can information of Capcom borrowers but also contained high-resolution the definition of of artwork used in Capcom games. At least one of the features files has the same start name (ME009) as an confidence on the Surfaces CD.

Juracek’s filing seeks $12 unité in damages for copyright infringement. Additionally , she an incident Capcom is guilty of “false copyright management and associated with copyright management” in the expert her disc and considers $2, 500 to $25, 000 for each photo utilised.

A Capcom spokesperson acknowledged to Polygon to be “aware of the lawsuit” just declined to comment on your outcome.

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