Playdate handheld pre-orders open as July with new lecturer dock, protective case towards tow

In a nutshell: Panic, the developer at home the quirky Playdate calculator gaming device, hosted the dog’s first-ever video update times ago. The 15-minute display revealed a handful of new learn about the upcoming game system and moreover highlighted some of the first materials we’ll see this summer.

The Playdate Stereo Pier was designed by the team at Video games Engineering . It processes multiple purposes: as a reside store the Playdate, a wireless accounts receivable dock, a Bluetooth head unit speaker and… a book pen holder (they even accomplished their own special ball-point write that’ll ship with the dock).

Panic also partnered suffering from Poolsuite FM (formerly Poolside FM ), my “ultra-summer Internet radio facility, ” so you’ll have an issue to watch and listen to for your new speaker.

Last but not least is the Playdate Cover, a protective cover those secures to the console magnetically.

Playdate will be available to pre-order in July, so Panic said it will offer at least a one-week signal before orders open. An Playdate Cover also arises for pre-order next month and is yours for $29. Any Playdate itself, along with entirely 24 games in the beginning season, will set you back $179.

A firm launch date is elusive at this hour, which also don’t know how much the Playdate Stereo Dock would command.

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