-nvidia hotfix driver solves BSOD issue with multiple GeForce varieties

GeForce Hotfix view driver version 466. seventy four is based on our latest Game Ready Racer 466. 63 .

Another GeForce driver is an exceedingly complex piece of software, We have lots of of software engineers constantly which include features and fixing pesky insects. These changes are be looked into into the main driver twigs, which are eventually run through a colossal QA process and on screen.

Since businesses so many changes being checked out in, we usually have a shot at align driver releases thanks to significant game or result releases. This process has worked us pretty well over the years nonetheless has one significant sexual problems. Sometimes a change that is vital to many users might amount to sitting and waiting tiill we are able to release the driver.

The GeForce Hotfix driver is our answer trying to get some of these fixes to you more quickly. These driver are basically the same as the previous released version, with a few additional targeted fixes. A new fixes that make it in can be found based in part on your criticism in the Driver Feedback posts and partly on how useful it is for us to really fast address them. These steps (and many more) could well be incorporated into the next actual driver release, at which a while the Hotfix driver heading to be taken down.

For certain, these Hotfix drivers should be beta, optional and designed as-is. They are run through a far abbreviated QA process. The only reason they exist is to purchase fixes out to you more rapidly. The safest option commonly to wait for the next WHQL acknowledged driver. But we know that great deal you are willing to try here out.

Those people HotFix drivers represent tons of additional work by a person’s engineering teams, I hope they provide value for you. We’ll test it out for and see if people exactly like the idea and want a lot of people to continue.

What’s Emerging:

The hotfix looks into the following issue:

  • [Kepler/Turing]: DCP WATCHDOG VIOLATION error quite possibly occur on some functions with GeForce GTX 600/700/16 and GeForce RTX 70 series GPUs [3321668][3321735]

In order for questions, please visit the FAQ below:
NVIDIA DCH/Standard Display Drivers just for Windows 10 FAQ

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