SecuriAlert is a smartphone-connected alarm system to work with Ford owners

In a nutshell: Ford is rolling out and a new connected security system which hopes will bring added relief to vehicle owners. The smartphone-connected system is called SecuriAlert (formerly Guard Mode), and is really rolled out to consumers initially following a successful launch with marketing process vehicles earlier this year.

When ever activated, SecuriAlert sends a notification to a used car owner’s smartphone if the community detects specific vehicle activity, such as attempts to open a good solid door or even if someone attempts to gain entry using a key.

An established alarm system might not be triggered by making use of the key, but SecuriAlert have the ability to still send a avertissement (it’s not uncommon for someone to make a copy of your key have to have your knowledge, or just steal much of your key, and use it to gain access to very own vehicle).

What’s more, traditional make someone’s hair curl systems often just send out loud noises from the motorhome as its theft deterrent mechanics. If you’ve parked your vehicle distant, you may not even hear often the alarm go off.

SecuriAlert is in many cases activated using the FordPass iphone app. It uses your vehicle’s existing sensors to feel activity, at which time all the vehicle’s onboard modem will send a push notification to one’s smartphone detailing what’s trying.

Notably, Ford is only mentioning the complementary feature enchanting out in Europe. No word eye-catching on when or in case the feature will debut in other markets.

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