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The life that Control’s house makes possible is secretive, full of small compartments and hidden layers where the weirdness some people would prefer to bring under the harsh control of reason and protocol can blossom. Even if Jesse is ostensibly an occult cop working for the man, Remedy has made The Oldest House a machine without a master, leaving what it produces—shadowy histories, dazzling flights, no shortage of abysses that stare back—to whoever’s willing to venture inside.

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The combat is flawed but interesting and the story is plain unsatisfying, but Control is ultimately a game worth playing and is unlike anything else I’ve played this year. Remedy is onto something new here, and I’ll be massively disappointed if they stop with one Control title.

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Control is without doubt the best experience Remedy has ever delivered, and that is saying a lot with their pedigree. It is clear this was crafted with love and a desire to give a unique experience to players which is exactly what Remedy delivered. Control is available right now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 systems.

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A superb third-person tactical shooter that you won’t forget in a hurry.

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One could easily make the argument that Control could very well be Remedy’s magnum opus. Not only have they managed to craft a fun and insane world full of surreal delights and impressive visuals, but they loaded it with a massive amount of secrets to hunt for and paired it alongside some of the year’s best combat. The end result is a superb third-person action game that you shouldn’t miss out on. The game may end with a not-so-subtle hint at upcoming DLC set to come in the future, but the terrific gameplay leaves one wanting more.

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Performance issues aside and hopefully updates and patches will address them, Control is a step forward in how story telling in a sci-fi game can be and Remedy have really found their footing in using the paranormal and science to create worlds for players to be fully immersed in. Action packed and deliciously abstract, Control felt fresh in a gaming year brimming with heavy hitting titles already out and still to come.

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Control is one of Remedy Entertainment’s greatest achievements. As a shooter, it’s lovingly satisfying to play, as all of its mechanics mesh to create a slick, supernatural explosion of paranormal powers and eclectic gunplay. Combine that with open-ended exploration and the package is nearing excellence. So it’s a shame the narrative can be needlessly muddled, stewing at a slow pace before rocketing towards a conclusion that sadly doesn’t feel earned in the end.

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Unintuitive wayfinding aside, Control is a very good game. The combat is a lot of fun, especially as your abilities are upgraded, the puzzles challenging and the story engaging. This is a game worth checking out and likely to be one of the biggest releases this year.

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When you’re so used to games that ease you in, the confronting nature of Control is immediately compelling. There’s plenty of time to get to know characters, study the environment, and gradually pick up new mechanics and skills, but Control’s sinister…

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It revels in the peculiarly warm gloss of polished concrete, the simple and undeniable thrill of combat backed up with enthusiastic physics and animation, and the visual buzz of UI that has a stark, minimalist beauty to it. Without any shade of a slight, I would call Control a sort of coffee-table book in terms of its sheer visual flair – but for how dazzling it looks in motion as you wrench individual blocks from a stacked trolley, sending them thudding through the air, as you fling rockets back at the people who fired them at you, amber sparks glinting as they pass in and out of focus and then die away for good.

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And if I’m honest, it also makes me want to go back and replay Remedy’s past games, too. Sure, it’s a faulty metroidvania in some respects, but there are so many exceptional qualities afoot that Control handily deflects any momentary ire. I can’t wait to take part in discussions about the game, to see what others have figured out, and to better understand where it all fits into Jesse’s story.

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Despite some iffy performance issues and some very frustrating narrative choices, Control’s compelling gameplay, excellent combat and dedication to the bizarre make it an easy game to recommend.

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Control is the culmination of Remedy’s entire oeuvre to-date, pairing a top-tier action game with a dizzyingly dense and layered story about the Federal Bureau of Control, and the everyday horrors within. It’s so good, you might even stop asking for Alan Wake 2.

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Control is one of the best story-focused single player games in years. Its unique mix of surrealism, sci-fi and mystery draws you in, but doesn’t give everything away, and the combat is fantastically varied and provides just enough challenge. A culmination of everything that went before, Control is Remedy’s magnum opus.

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