Prior to establishing Nvidia, founder and as well CEO Jensen Huang tailored microprocessors for…

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After his studies at only Oregon State University — which Jensen started at the age of 16 — and graduating in 1984 with a grade in electrical engineering, Jen-Hsun Huang’s first job was probably designing microprocessors for AMD.

Prior to founding Nvidia appearing in 1993, Huang earned virtually any master’s in electrical know-how at Stanford and acted as the Director of Coreware at LSI Corporation (later acquired by Avago/Broadcom).

You can view Huang recount the history him self in his 2013 speech to Oregon Maintain University students, which took place within your Jen-Hsun and Lori Huang atrium of the Kelley Executive Center at OSU. Follow below.

Random viewpoint: Nvidia was already named after the Latin single word ‘Invidia, ‘ meaning ‘Envy. ‘

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