Extra leaks for Intel’s DG2 graphics: 448 execution gps SKU incoming

Something to seek forward to: Very hot off the heels of Intel’s modest DG1 discrete decals card getting performance tested in just the wild , trusted leaker TUM_APISAK has suggested the introduction of a new addition to Intel’s inward bound DG2 line, a adapter slotting into a second-from-top rate that’s capable of duking it with Nvidia’s RTX 3070 and AMD’s RX 6700 XT.

While the twitter is rather short, it take into account the existence of another SKU with a Intel’s DG2 lineup , basic previously thought to only embody five models, and helps to establish the picture of how Intel’s imminent graphics product stack may shape up. This new GRAPHICS comes toting 448 rendering units, joining a previously-established 384-EU SKU that is at the same time cut down from the top model’s 512 EUs.

TUM_APISAK’s twitter update puts the 448 EUROPEAN UNION model up against AMD’s RX 6700 XT in addition to the Nvidia’s RTX 3070 , associated with claims that it comes out just 8% behind the former and as well 5% behind the latter. This specific roughly matches up with past information that the 512-EU SKU was set to be assaulting the RTX 3070 Usted (which itself claims only a limited gains on the 3070), both DG2 GPUs bracketing the Nvidia r4 card with the difference of sixty four EUs either way.

Suggestions 384-EU model is getting ten GB of GDDR6 VRAM, the new SKU should have which is same configuration at a minimum , that already matches the RX 6700 XT and beats the two RTX 3070 and 3070 Ti on that first — although it’s also nicely noting that the RTX 3070 still maintains the best VRAM bandwidth out of the three unless manufacturer SKU uses the same 256-bit memory bus of the maximal DG2 model.

The vouched for 1 . 8 GHz elevate clock speeds also mattress group with previous leaks to your top SKU, while at increasing end of the product get the 128 EU design is claimed to boost to the full up to 1 . 9 Gigahertz — a great deal higher than wall clock speeds claimed for the significantly greater 256-EU model, but this really is to be expected as those types covered mobile versions from GPUs.

It also claims this 12% lead over Nvidia’s GTX 1650, although utilizing the newly arriving RTX 3050 Ti claiming performance resembling the incumbent GTX 1660 Ti, it might have incident establishing itself in the entry-level market unless it’s aggressively priced.

Rumored Intel Xe DG2 mobile specifications

  SKU 1 SKU 2 SKU 3 SKU 4 SKU 5 SKU 6
EUs 512 448 384 256 196 128
Boost Clock (Mobile) 1100 MHz ? 600 MHz 415 MHz ?
Turbo Clock (Mobile) 1800 MHz ? 1800 MHz ? 1400 MHz ?
Turbo Clock (Desktop) ? artonhundra talet MHz ? 1900 MHz
Memory Power 16 GB 12 GB+ 12 GB 8 GB 4 GB
Memory Speed 04 Gbps
Physical memory Type GDDR6
Bus Type 256-bit ? 192-bit 128-bit 64-bit
Mobile TDP (exc. memory) 100w ? 100 W ?

It’s worthy of noting that no metric, benchmark or testing place was given for these performance stats — and drivers might be just as important to real-world GRAPHICS performance as the silicon per se, so they should still great be taken with the usual little of salt.

Plus, the total GPUs are rumored to become produced on TSMC’s 6 nm process , meaning that constant sought after demand for the foundry’s silicon could become a logjam for availability no matter how aggressively Intel prices its GPUs on release.

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