HalloApp debuts ad-free social network with respect to ‘real’ friends

A completely new category. A real, safe, and private place to embed and share what matters in your life, making use of people who matter to you. Here in complete privacy.

Unlike legacy social networks, HalloApp believes privacy is a principal human right. We make use of phone number to connect you with friends and family. Beyond that, we hardly ever collect, store or get started with any personal information.

Which means we never sell your personal information. Because you never have it.

There are no brands, fliers or influencers clogging an individuals feed. Just real people you truly care about.

Your amazing chats are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your fauve can read them, not even HalloApp.

HalloApp begun by two ex-WhatsApp men, who helped build WhatsApp and turn it into one notable beloved apps in the world.

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