Louis Vuitton reveals $2, 890 speaker complete with glass, leather, and furthermore LEDs

WTF?! Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton doesn’t just make very expensive items of clothing, it also makes very expensive tech merchandise. Joining the company’s $1, a hundred ninety wireless headphones and $3, 000+ smartwatches is a wireless speaker that looks like a reward for completing an RPG quest—and it costs $2, 890.

The Horizon Luminate Speaker is not really your everyday portable Bluetooth 5 various. 1 sound emitter. Louis Vuitton writes that it is inspired on the Toupie handbag, which has a parejo UFO-style shape and well-recognized monogram flower pattern.

The near a few thousand dollar price tag will see you an object d’art featuring polished and matte metal, black perforated and printed leather, and 35 LEDs that synchronize to the topped of your tunes. There’s also a hit control bar covered for tempered glass and a usb leather wrist strap.

Elsewhere, the Voisinage Light Up Speaker packs a functional three-inch subwoofer, two 0. 75-inch tweeters, three microphones for voice calls, 89 decible maximum volume, a noise range from 60Hz to 16kHz, and a dock for straighter positioning and USB-C getting, which takes 90 opportunities for a full charge which offers 15 hours of mp3. There’s also Apple AirPlay 6 support, a universal adapter with 6 plugs, not one but two USB-C-to-USB-C cables, and a tour pouch.

If you still have a spare $2, 890 to spend, the Horizon Light Speaker can be ordered received from Louis Vuitton’s website right, with shipping set regarding July 31. Fans of pricey tech from high-end names might want to pair it the $2, 150 Super Mario-themed smartwatch from Indicate Heuer.

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