Valve’s Steam Deck can play childish games off an SD card perfectly, and that’s a big deal

Bottom line: A Valve engineer consists of confirmed that the Steam Ground is perfectly capable of gaming directly off of SD acknowledgement cards. That’s noteworthy considering the Heavy steam Deck, even the highest-tier tipe, only has 512GB coming from all internal storage and that’s not much of a whole lot these days.

Sphincter muscle last week announced the Steam Deck , a handheld social gaming device that looks to work for PC gaming possibilities Nintendo did on the comfort side with its Switch.

The several Steam Deck starts along with $399, but that’ll lone get you 64GB of inside storage. Additional models got been announced with up to 512GB of storage, but thumping up to the top-tier will amount to $649. And let’s be honest – 512GB still isnt all that much storage when your talking about modern PC gamer.

Fortunately, all variants of this Steam Deck also include this microSD card slot for expanded storage.

Stepping back a point in time, Valve made a point to highlight the speedy internal safe-keeping used in the Steam Porch. But when you run out of internal storage and have to use the SD card slot, types of performance can you expect?

Such a very question was in recent months asked of Lawrence Yang, an engineer at Control device. Yang confirmed that free games will load faster off the system’s internal storage, nevertheless noted that they are still truly playable from an SD card. “When IGN came by, 100 % games they tried (and shot footage of) received played off a micro sd card, ” he added.

Yang is of course consulting IGN’s hands-on demo online video media which premiered on the same day of the week the Steam Deck appeared to be announced.

Valve started philosophical reservations for the Steam Floor shortly after its announcement. A good system appears to be in high demand as expected order availability offers slipped to the second quarter of 2022 as of this writing.

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