-nvidia unveils new trailer designed for Black Myth: Wukong, at the moment powered by Unreal Website 5 and with DLSS support

What just happened? Remember Black Fairy tale: Wukong, the stunning-looking Communicate Souls/Sekiro-style game revealed in 2020? Nvidia has just entered a 12-minute trailer, causing us our first look at the good Unreal Engine 5 prior to enhanced with its Deep Education Super Sampling (DLSS) technician.

Black Myth: Wukong was originally an A dream for me Engine 4-powered title, unfortunately developer Game Science enhanced to the newer version former this year—with support from Nvidia and A fantasy Engine creator Epic Video.

Unlike the first trailer, that came out one year ago nowadays, we can now enjoy Tahitian Myth: Wukong in its strong 4K@60fps glory.

The action RPG is based on the 16th-century China novel Journey to the Western side; the same one that inspired finally the 1979 TV series Monkey and many more shows, books, and movies. Enthusiasts take control of Monkey King Sunshine Wukong, facing off in opposition of some enormous mythological beasts that can be taken down using the countless number of abilities on offer.

Black Misunderstanding: Wukong does look females. Sadly, it’ll be a while in advance of we find out if it is as good as the pre-release hype; Hobby Science is aiming for a 2023 launch, but it’s pat that the game will only grow to be released once it’s geared up, thereby avoiding any Cyberpunk 2077-like disappointment, hopefully.

Take a look at the first Black Myth: Wukong pre-alpha footage here . Clearly there was also an official trailer released in February to signify the Chinese year within the Ox.

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