Piece of fruit grabbed 75 percent of worldwide handset operating profit by using Q2 2021 on just a little 13 percent of shipment share

In brief: Smartphone vendors have been in a continuing state of flux has turned into a relates to shipments over the past a large number of quarters. But when it comes to earnings and profit, Apple is firmly established itself as being the market leader.

Counterpoint Research in its latest trade report has charted manufacturers’ advances in deliveries, revenue and profit simply because the first quarter of 2019. Since that time, major players make jockeyed for position in relation to shipment share. In all however one quarter, Samsung complete on top, but the battle for the second place and ahead of was very fluid.

Observing revenue share and maintaining profit, however , we see where it Apple has been able to keep a safe distance from its counterparts at the top of the list.

During Q2 2021, Apple were able to capture 75 percent of an overall handset market making use of profit and 40 for each of revenue despite manipulation for just 13 percent of global handset shipments. As Counterpoint highlights, that’s still under what its peak in Q4 2020 when Apple gripped 86 percent of the rendite and half of all income.

In terms of profit, Samsung will have consistently held the number any spot behind Apple. These types of has also been the case in terms of overheads, save for two quarters where Huawei trumped Samsung at second place.

Speaking of Huawei , the company’s fall fan base US sanctions is clearly illustrated in all three in addition. This helped open opportunities for other Chinese phone makers to make a move incorporate Xiaomi, Oppo and Borde.

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