Scarce prototype Infinium Labs Phantom console goes up for free online auction websites

The big picture: Infinium Labs created seriously the ruckus in the untimely 2000s with the introduction on this Phantom, a PC-like abode video game console that corresponding to do away with carts and catomizers and discs in favor of an absolute direct-download content delivery system. It never materialized to become a consumer product, but now you will have a chance to own a rare essence.

The system suffered a wide range of setbacks and ultimately in made it to market, but what a number will likely remember most concerning Phantom is the legal battle between Infinium Labs and tech site HardOCP.

As the story goes, HardOCP posted an investigative report about Infinium Facility and its founder in late 03. A few months later, Infinium Labratories sent a cease and thus desist letter to Demanding, demanding the piece be studied down. A legal battle ensued, in which HardOCP was successful. In the end, Infinium Labs reimburse $50, 000 to close the problem.

Only a few prototype Phantom gaming gadgets were known to exist. At QuakeCon 2004, HardOCP’s Kyle Bennett killed one to bits in front of a real live audience. More recently at 2015, a prototype surfaced at a computer repair shop in Florida. And now, is a up for auction courtesy of Heritage Craiglist and ebay .

Gaming memorabilia is known as a hot commodity as of late. Planned to attend classes August, someone paid $2 100 thousands for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. A month earlier, a copy of Super Mario 64 sold for $1. 56 million, besting a record pair a few days earlier for a uncommon copy of The Legend connected Zelda .

The upper limit for the prototype Phantom control system is as much a sense of mystery as the console was back in the day. We also don’t for know if this is the same gadget that showed up in the repair shop in 2015, or a final prototype. A quick comparison of usually the scratches on the 2015 example to that of the one on with auction suggest it isn’t the same, or that it has been repaired. Heritage has it showing as the sole surviving sort of the gaming industry’s a large number of infamous piece of vaporware, and perhaps it is the very same the one that you want from a few years back?

Some sort of digital-based console that relies on over-the-Internet delivery of comfortable isn’t anything to get excited with today. Heck, it’s expediently becoming the norm. But in earlier 2000s, it was a revolutionary idea that was way ahead of its time. Particularly whatever reason, Infinium couldn’t disperse.

Mind you, the first console on offer such functionality – the Ouya – didn’t hit the scene till mid-2013, roughly a decade in a while.

Heritage confirmed that the structure, which is really just a YOUR PC in a fancy chassis, executes power up and plays a short demo reel promoting your current console. This would make a lovely addition to a well-rounded video gaming collection, but that’s in reality all it’s good for at the moment.

The current bid is $340.

Images courtesy Heritage Auctions

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