AMD’s Radeon RX 6000-series cost are reportedly set to increase in 10%

Rumor mill: Are you tired of artwork cards being so extravagant? Unfortunately for fans of AMD’s latest products, it looks as if the Radeon RX 6000 series could soon grown even costlier after the establishment} increased the price of its GPUs by 10% for surfboard partners, according to a new score.

VideoCardz writes just that news of the price improve was unveiled on the Snowboard Channels forums. It places that the 10% rise equates to a $20 to $40 jump in cost for board partners. It will be implemented this GPU shipment, and prospective buyers could see the effects on the topic of retail units as soon as few weeks later.

It’s merit noting that prices had been always expected to go up due to the fact increased demand stemming of a holiday season. And given where high they are already, end-users might not even see the associated with AMD’s extra 10% extra fee.

AMD’s price hike has been blamed on TSMC stretching its costs, though none other AMD products using the rather 7nm node, such as the Ryzen 5000 series, appear affected—yet.

The latest report on the state generally the graphics card market implies that both AMD’s and Nvidia’s latest RDNA 2/Ampere tier are selling for around double any MSRP a year after these initial release. Although the document below shows the Radeon RX 6000 series along with the price falling from 101% above MSRP to much, it’s because retailers (in Germany and Austria) have been awarded shipments of non-XT RX 6800 cards, lowering the typical price of the whole line.

Even the second-hand market is experiencing. Our own examination of cards on as well as show the Radeon RX 6000 cards increasing in price due to 9% between October & November, while the RTX 3 thousands line was up 6% during the same period. Adult generations on the auction resource site are also getting pricier: their Nvidia 20 series (+6%), 16 series (+5%), not to mention 10 series (+7%), and AMD’s Radeon 5000 (9%) series all got higher over the last month.

The contributing factor shortage and resulting images card crisis has also enjoyed some hardware companies selling pre-built gaming PCs getting graphics cards, including this one starting from NZXT , which purpose an AMD Ryzen eight 5600G APU.

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