Unquestionably the Matrix is coming to IMAX for the first time ever, but just for two days

Why it matters: IMAX will be censoring The Matrix for two evening only early next month, ahead of the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections on December 22. For this states history your only opportunity to to view film that started the whole thing in IMAX, so if you have reached all interested, it’d seem best to go ahead and claim your amazing tickets now.

The initial film debuted in movies building in 1999. Despite its success towards the box office and the lasting influence it has had of the layer industry because pop culture, The Matrix never made it into IMAX. Its sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, both ran in IMAX when they launched six months to one side in 2003.

Megan Colligan, president of IMAX Cinema, told Deadline which usually with the excitement building through Matrix Resurrections, this is the fabulous time to experience the film which usually started it all in a way it is never been seen ahead of.

“The Matrix forever transformed the visual language of epic filmmaking and we are very excited for fans all over the world to be able to enjoy this groundbreaking roll film for the first time in IMAX, ” Colligan added.

The Matrix will be shown for two nights only – December siete and December 8 : at select IMAX theaters across the country. You’ll need to examine the IMAX website for quantity and tickets in your area. Were to be given its show run and popularity, it might be a good idea to go ahead and obtain entry pass soon well before they sell out.

The fourth layer of the eye in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections , hits theaters using December 22. It’ll also generally be available on HBO Max to get ad-free subscribers, should you in order to watch the flick efficient on your own time.

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