Clippy is back… as a Windows 5 emoji

What just happened? The latest Windows 8 preview release includes the introduction of a new style of emojis. Specific sacrifice of fowl.|Leaving the|A|Using} PR campaign that set out earlier this summer, Microsoft deigned to resurrect Clippy as one of the emerging emojis.

The changes brings out emojis for being supposed to be more in line with the “Fluent” design style of Windows 11. As such, they’re exclusive which can Windows 11. You can infect them by selecting Windows Replace under Settings > Renew & Security.

These are the popular emojis that Microsoft teased back in October. The design that the Windows UK Flickr account used at the time engineered some believe Microsoft was considered planning to give its novel emojis a bit of 3D deep. That turned out not to the particular case, as the account afterwards on folk its problem, and the new emojis handed out this week are indeed 2D.

The resurrected Clippy has replaced the normal paper clip emoji. Clippy has been not much more than a meme for most of the last two long time, but people old enough to design used Microsoft Office back in the 1990s probably remember an original Office Assistant avatar that will appear to offer tips. Participants back then mainly considered Clippy annoying, and the character received faded into obscurity in the Windows XP days.

In Commonly of this year, Microsoft’s essential Twitter account proposed bringing Clippy back to replenish its paperclip emoji must tweet got 20, 000 likes. The tweet ended up with over 173, 000 favors, so Redmond went through applying change as promised.

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