Replenish Windows’ built-in registry publisher with a full-featured tool identified as RegCool

RegCool is an advanced registry collector and editor foe Offline-Hive files. In addition to all the showcases that you can find in RegEdit and RegEdt32, RegCool totals many powerful features that allow you to work faster and more effortlessly with registry related activities of daily living.


  • Interchanging Windows Registry Editor – RegCool should certainly replace Windows’ built-in computer registry editor (regedit).
  • Resident Registry help RegCool is able to treat a few of registry hive files as separate stand-alone registry. Specify a folder with computer registry structure files and load individual files from this folder for the reason that structures. Please see Online RegCool Help File for Highlights.
  • Search & switch – Appear and replace registry take some time, values and data applying super fast search algorithm. You can look at the entire registry in when it comes to ten seconds on a normal PC!
  • Multiple native registry windows – Allow to open various local registry windows
  • Cut, Copy & Gravy – Discounted, copy and paste registry values keys and values
  • Secure registry keys – Allows you to opened secure registry keys if you are running under the administrator opportunity
  • Multiple undo and furthermore redo school of thought The undo history often is saved to disk together with reloaded at startup
  • Favorites management – Easy and flexible Slots management
  • Backup & Restore a considerable Complete Backup and re-establish of the registry
  • Defragment – As easy as scan and optimize your windows registry by removing gaps together with wasted space, thereby assisting to improve system performance.
    • If you choose to defrag your machine registry after the scan results, be ready to reboot your machine
  • Compare – Compare registry between computers with very intense speed
  • RegShot-Function – Regshot helps you to quickly take a snapshot of ones registry and then compare this particular with a second one : done after doing application changes or installing any software product

What’s New:

  • Added Away Registry, DarkMode and im Command Line Support. Chose the Online Help file of most RegCool for details
  • A bit of bug fixes.
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • 100% Spyware COMPLETELY FREE – No adware, spyware, malware, backdoors, browser tool bars, “value-added software” or Obnoxious viruses.

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